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travel the world in these fabulous outfits!

June 12, 2018

A long stretch of mountain road, the sweet chill of an ice pop in the park, the sun setting over an endless ocean. It’s getting close to summer, and we couldn’t be readier to hit the road, hop on a plane, or catch some rays on the deck of a cruise ship. But while you may be a pro at nabbing the best round-trip flight deals or finding a stunning architectural gem on Airbnb, we all struggle to put together those perfect travel outfits that leave no room for second guessing. After all, when you’re thousands of miles from the endless options of your decked out closet you need to feel confident with what you packed.

Imagine this: you’re giddy with anticipation for a day spent touring spectacular sites (Colosseum, here we come!) or you can’t wait for an indulgent dinner across from the one you love (Tapas in Barcelona—yes, please!). Then you unzip your suitcase and feel deflated by the few options you have to work with. Fortunately, instead of stressing about how to mix and match our favorite spring pieces, all we need to do is crack open a copy of the Notion and flip to one of our favorite stories of the season—“Explorers Club”—for all the inspiration we’ll need. This editorial is packed full of travel outfits just waiting to be…packed!

We tapped the most stylish jetsetter we know, our Fashion Director Becky Jantzen, for a few last-minute tips. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to explore in style with these five stunning, yet practical travel outfits.

Featured ItemsPurr Cami, The High Slim, Whistle Cardigan, Converse Sneakers, Sole Society Travel Tote

Featured Items: Windward Hoodie, M’Leggings, Coast Tank, Vans Slip-On Shoes, Bric’s Duffle Bag

Featured Items: Whitney Shirt, Bralette, Slim Boyfriend, Drop Sparrow Necklace, UGG Booties

Featured Items: Wing Top, Newport Hoodie, Angel Trouser, Gallop Scarf, Sam Edelman Flats

Featured Items: Simple Playsuit, Marble Cardigan, Charm Belt, Steve Madden Sandals, Jacques Moret Slipper Socks

With these five stunning travel outfits and Becky’s spot-on tips, we feel ready to go anywhere! But we’re dying to know: where are you going this summer? Share you travel plans in the comments below, and tell us which outfit you’re most excited to rock and why. Nothing on the calendar yet? Tell us about your dream getaway and how you’d use these seven tips to pack for it.