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5 fabulous striped outfits for endless summer style

July 1, 2018

It’s an age-old question: stripes or solids? We took fresh eyes to our Spring 2018 Collection and created all-new ensembles.When the dust settled, one thing was clear—we most certainly love stripes! No, we’re not talking about billiards, but this season’s striped outfits are so cute, fun, and playful, it’ll feel like a game. That is, of course, assuming you know the rules. You can wear them just about anywhere, from backyard BBQs to late night bonfires, most often somewhere casual and certainly somewhere you’re sure to be seen.

You can double your lines in a single striped outfit by matching horizontal to vertical, add pattern (think flowers), and frills (ruffles!). You can certainly use a pop of color to brighten up a neutral palette—yes, solids have their place too. If it all feels a bit overwhelming, don’t worry. We just so happen to know the perfect striped outfit spokeswoman, cabi Fashion Director Becky Jantzen, to help explain things! We captured all her best tips and tricks in this handy little video you’ll want to refer back to all summer long.

Striped outfit bonus challenge! So, you watched the video and now you think you’re ready to start styling striped ensembles of your own? Slow your roll girlfriend—let’s start with an easy one. Remember how Becky said stripes on stripes is A-OK? Pick a look you love from the five above and adda striped piece to the ensemble. Let us know your favorite look and tell us what striped piece from the 2018 Spring Collection you would want to add on to that outfit!