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summer lovin': 5 fun & fresh summer date ideas

July 19, 2018

They say spring is the season of love, but we think it’s summer. There’s something about long weekends, summer Fridays, those casual feel-good vibes, the bright sun, and heat that makes us romantic in a totally new way. So, this summer, change things up when it comes to date night! Whether it’s your hubby, a boyfriend of a few months, or your very first date with a new guy, show him you’ve taken the time to make date night a blast (and, we’re here to help you look cute, no matter where you end up going!). Check out these five fabulous summer date ideas and get ready for a little romance.

There are few dates as simple andas simply breathtaking as an al fresco meal with your love. It’s all about location—think a spot with a spectacular view of the stars, an unobstructed swath of ocean, a sunset over the mountains, people strolling a chic promenade—so many options! Pro tip: With the sun setting later, make your reservations for half an hour before sunset, this way you’ll have drinks in time for golden hour.

Style Tip: This date is full romance, so think flowing maxi dresses and a cute scarf on hand for when the temperature drops!

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The sand between your toes, the soft lap of waves on the shore, the warmth of the summer sun. A long walk on the beach is one of the most romantic experiences to share with a partner. The key to enjoying this date is to set off when the strength of the sun has waned, but before night sets in; you’ll want to catch the sunset on your way back, otherwise there’s a good chance it’ll get too chilly to be enjoyable.

Style Tip: Embrace the beachy vibes with a straw cross body bag, then double down on the nautical theme with jewelry like these starfish-embellished antique gold treasures.

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Cheering on a favorite team, catching a foul ball, the 7thinning stretch. When it comes to wholesome, fun-loving dates, there are few experiences that better fit the bill than America’s favorite pastime. With plenty of downtime between innings, you’ll have the opportunity to chat and enjoy each other’s company. And who knows—you may even make it on the kiss cam!

Style Tip: This is a casual event, so dress for it! Jeans and a tank top are all you need, plus a light jacket just in case. And, leave the heels at home—it’s all about comfy sneakers for the win. If you’ve got a cap to rep the home team, great! If not, pick one up from the stands to complete the look.

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You’ve heard it in the car, on the stereo at home, shared earbuds on the plane—there’s no more thrilling surprise than a pair of tickets to a favorite band. Our connection to music is deep and emotional, and it’s a meaningful way to show you really know him! Find a cool outdoor venue, look for a lineup he’ll love (or introduce him to something new!), and above all else keep it a surprise. Pro tip: bring cash for the vendors selling food and drinks just in case they don’t take cards.

Style Tip: Chances are this outdoor venue doesn’t have shade. Reach for a big floppy hat to keep the sun out of your eyes, then assemble an ensemble that’s part festival, part rocker, and completely chic—poncho, meet sandals (love it!).

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An old school throwback guaranteed to absolutely charm him! Be the sweetheart who indulges his sweet tooth and invite him for a stroll on a Sunday afternoon. Then, casually route yourselves past the yummiest parlor in town (bonus points if it’s near a park for some cone-in-hand ambling!).

Style Tip: With a classic, girlish date, you’ll want to wear something cute, casual, and bubbly. We adore a patterned shirt dress worn open as a vest for a twist on the button down. Complete the look with a stunning sandal—it’s summer after all.

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What’s the best date you’ve ever been taken on, and what made it so special? Leave your romantic tales in the comments below, and don’t skip any details—like what you wore!