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introducing grace: 12 new arrival styles to add to your winter wardrobe

October 23, 2018

This fall we wanted to get back to our roots, connect with the women we love, and cozy up to all the best elements of the season—a crackling fire, warm apple cider, the changing leaves, surrounded by friends and family (love!).

As we get ready to head into the holiday season and all the joy and splendor that winter has in store, we wanted to share with you a few New Arrivals that make the most of our fall trends, giving you plenty to pair back to this season’s Collection. There’s a certain polish to these pieces—a sense of grace that imbues every look. You’ll find it in a red velvet dress or a stunning black pantsuit, in a breathtaking sweater with a little fur trim at the neck, or wrapped in a blouse. It’s there, too, in stunning loden green tops and huggable, lovable wraps, in bold plaid checks worn with verve, abandon, and always refinement.

As we move into the holidays, we have to trade in some of our favorite lightweight fall pieces for their heavier winter counterparts. Or do we? If you love layering as much as we do, show us how you’re mixing and matching your favorite warmer weather pieces into your winter wardrobe! Leave your thoughts in the comments below—bonus points for Instagram pics @cabiclothing #cabilayers.