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thanksgiving travel capsule: seven holiday ensembles we’re packing

November 6, 2018

Thanksgiving can be tough to pack for; striking a balance between comfort and style while keeping things to a carry-on minimum is no easy feat. But, we’ve made traveling for this holiday just a little bit easier! We’ve whipped up a Thanksgiving travel capsule based on our Fall 2018 Collection and a few favorite accessories that will make this holiday as stylish as it is effortless. We made a video that shows off all the looks, and then assembled them below so you can pick and choose your faves…or just pack them all!

Ready for Take Off

Comfort is absolutely key for traveling. But you’ll want an ensemble that’s cute enough to jump off the plane and head straight to dinner. Build your look around the cozy-chic Zip-Back Leggings by pairing them back to the vivid, paisley folkloric-inspired print of the Legend Blouse. Heading somewhere chilly? Grab the Cloak Cardigan and add a felt hat for a totally boho take.

Featured Items: Legend Blouse, Zip-Back Legging, Cloak Cardigan, Dandy Boot, Black Pearl Heritage Bracelet

No-Stress November

Nothing gets us more excited about the holidays than the prospect of curling up and chilling out with friends and family. Keep those Zip-Back Leggings from dinner, but swap out the Legend Blouse for the softness and warmth of the Henley Tee and add a couple of cuddly accessories— cozy socks, Cuddle Scarf, and you’re ready to go!

Featured Items: Henley Tee, Zip-Back Legging, Cuddle Scarf

Breakfast Club

One of the best parts about heading home for the holidays is getting to catch up with old friends we haven’t seen in years. Pack a simple outfit (jeans and T-shirt) that can work for a variety of easygoing daytime activities, then embellish your look with statement outerwear like the vintage-inspired Boss Jacket and stunning accessories like the eye-catching antique gold Apollo Necklace.

Featured Items: Sweet Talk Tee, Authentic High Straight, Boss Jacket, Apollo Necklace

Feast Your Eyes

Dressing for the main event is no easy feat. You’ll want to look classy in front of friends and family, but let’s be honest, we came here to eat! Instead of reaching for those go-to leggings, try the super cozy ponte Performance Dress, our new favorite LBD with a touch of stretch. Reach for classic, feminine accessories like pearls: earrings, necklace, and a bracelet—go head-to-toe! For an extra little flourish, wrap yourself in the Leopard Scarf and add the Dandy Boot for that perfect finishing touch.

Featured Items: Performance Dress, Boss Jacket, Leopard Scarf, Dandy Boot, Heritage Pearl Earrings, Black Pearl Heritage Necklace, Black Pearl Heritage Bracelet

Black Friday Survival Ensemble

Dress for the madness with a high-waisted straight-legged jean and a simple striped tee. Add a cardigan in case the mall is still blasting AC in November and a crossbody bag cinched tight so you can dash through the aisles and nab the best deals.

Featured Items: Sweet Talk Tee, Authentic High Straight, Cultured Cardigan, Apollo Necklace, Apollo Earrings

Casual Dinner Chic

After Thursday we swore we’d never eat again…and then came Friday. Relax—it’s just a casual meal. Embrace the plaid trend with the Cunningham Shirt, paired back to those Authentic High Straight jeans that have already served you so well this trip. To give the ensemble a little extra pop, toss on the Back in Black Jacket with its contrast sateen pockets for a hip, edgy vibe.

Featured Items: Cunningham Shirt, Authentic High Straight, Back in Black Jacket, Dandy Boot, Landmark Locket,

Stylish Send-off

You made it! You survived all the overeating, the catching up with old friends, the curled-up couch time with family. Who are we kidding? It was an absolute blast, but now we’re ready to head home. Travel back in style (but most importantly comfort) with the Zip-Back Leggings paired back to the Back in Black Jacket. Throw on a pair of aviators and jet off.

Featured Items: Legend Blouse, Zip-Back Legging, Back in Black Jacket, Heritage Pearl Earrings

When it comes to creating a travel capsule, we’ve established a couple of tried-and-true rules for pulling it off. Stick to these rules when it comes to creating your own capsule, and you’re ready to pack it all up:

• Create a packing list and an itinerary at the same time. This guarantees you’ll pack the right pieces for the right events and that you’ll even have everything styled and ready to go so you don’t have to think about a thing once you arrive!

• Pack staples that are easy to dress up or dress down, which means you’ll be ready to dress for everything from unexpected lunch dates to impromptu reunions.

• Choose pieces that are easy to layer or can be worn in a variety of ways. November can be chilly, and you’ll want to strike a balance between cozy and chic with outerwear, cardigans, and scarves.

• Include at least one statement piece that will stand out from the rest of your capsule. Don’t be afraid to wear it twice.

• A few accessories can go a long way, especially if they play well together.

• Choose items that don’t wrinkle and are easy to pack (hey ponte, we’re looking at you).

• Roll, don’t fold—you’ll be able to fit at least 25% more into your carry-on, and it takes half the time!

We tried our best to account for every imaginable Thanksgiving event and festivity, but of course, there are so many more that are unique and personal to each and every one of you. Tell us about a tradition that you like to get dressed up for, and create an outfit to add to the capsule around that event. Bonus points if you assemble your ensemble from the pieces already mentioned above #carryonstrong.