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get in the spirit with our favorite holiday traditions

December 25, 2018

It’s that time of year! The cold air blasting against our cheeks as the first flurries of snow dust the pavement; hot cocoa made to order, team marshmallow or team whipped cream? Placing that last gumdrop doorknob on the gingerbread house; leaving cookies out that were baked by at least two generations working in tandem, that secret ingredient never leaving the confines of the kitchen; an evening stroll through the neighborhood to rate the best holiday lights; a board game played in equal parts familial love and fierce competition.

Every family has holiday traditions, and the cabi family is no exception. This season, we wanted to get a little closer to the people we work with every day, so we took a tour of the Home Office and quizzed our colleagues about their most cherished family traditions. From the holiday standards we all love to inventive originals we can’t wait to try ourselves, we learned so much about our team members, and we can’t wait to share them with you. Watch our video to find out how we go all-out for the holidays, and don’t be afraid to start a new tradition!

Holiday traditions are a great way to bring friends, family, and coworkers together to have fun, feel connected, and look back on the year together. No matter how you celebrate, there’s one thing that makes all holiday traditions truly great: the people you share them with. How do you celebrate? Share your holiday traditions in the comments below, and celebrate the season with each other (and with us!).