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15 for 30: the ultimate spring outfit capsule

February 19, 2019

Take a good look behind your closet doors and in your chest of drawers and ask yourself, “How many different ways can I style my clothes?” Did you ever think your maxi skirt could be worn as a midi dress? Or that it can be styled over jeans as a top? How about a cardigan as a sweater? Pro tip: change your shoes from fancy to casual and transform the whole outfit for a different occasion. In case you didn’t notice, we’ve got one of the most creative Spring Collections we’ve ever released, and it’s inspired us to get even more creative with our styling this season. To help turn our ideas into reality, we looked to our Fashion Director Becky Jantzen, gaining her unique perspective and expertise on how to maximize our outfit possibilities. She took 15 of our favorite must-haves and created 30 stylish outfits for five different occasions ranging from office chic to swanky night out. See which fabulous combo suits you best!

nine to five looks

casual friday looks

weekend looks

girls night out looks

date night looks

We hope our capsule inspired you to discover how versatile your wardrobe can be…and now it’s time to put your creativity to the test. Can you stretch these 15 pieces even further and style a look we left out? How about putting your own twist on one of our occasion outfits with an extra accessory or a clever tweak? Share your ideas in the comments below, and remember: this is just an experiment (no wrong answers!).

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