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‘work it’ this summer in these workwear looks

May 21, 2019

When it comes to office wear, summer is a tricky time of year. It may be boiling hot outside, but the second you step foot in your office building, the air conditioning causes a chill to run up your spine. Don’t get us wrong, we’re ever so grateful for AC. But the drastic jumps in temperature make picking an outfit quite challenging. You also have so many boxes to tick for your summer office attire—between trying to stay cool, comfortable, and chic, all while keeping it classy for HR. What’s a girl to do? First and foremost: don’t sweat it! We’ve compiled a list of five different summer work wear outfits along with some additional styling tips to keep you feeling and looking your best this summer. Take a peek below to find your favorite outfit, and get ready to show them who’s boss!

Featured Items: Car Coat, Downtown Jumpsuit, Treasure Necklace, Briefcase, Sandals

Featured Items: Untamed Dress, Castaway Jacket, Triumph Necklace, Sunglasses, Pumps

Featured Items: Sailor Pullover, Chance Wide Leg, Chance Jacket, Glasses, Sling-back Pump, Perfume

Featured Items: Check Blazer, Electric Blouse, Hero Trouser, Pumps, Lipstick, Moisturizer

Featured Items: Wallis Cardigan, Float Blouse, Cruise Skirt, Mules, Handbag

Who would’ve thought layers could be your best friend in the summer? Throw on those cute toppers at work, then peel them off during your lunch break! Now that you’ve learned some helpful styling tips for conquering the heat, we want to hear all the handy tricks you have up your (short) sleeve for staying and looking cool. Share your ideas in the comments below!