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fall outfits: mixing it up

August 22, 2019

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of mixing things up. From pattern mixing (florals and stripes) to season mixing (spring and fall crossovers), we encourage you to tap into your creativity and make the most out of what’s in your closet. To that end, we’ve got a styling session lined up with an extra little challenge: turn 15 items from the new Collection into 30 unique looks. Daunted? Don’t be—we’re here to help!

Each season, we bring you wardrobe capsules to help maximize the potential of the pieces in your closet. But this fall, we’re doing things a bit differently. Instead of organizing the various outfits by occasion, we’re highlighting a few of the unique bottoms that make up the Fall 2019 Collection.

Today, we’re showcasing four of our favorite fall bottoms (plus a bonus dress!): the Bond Trouser, Button Fly Skinny, Cinch Skinny, Step Out Skirt, and Muse Dress. You may find it hard to believe, but we were able to create six (yep, you read that right!) ensembles for each bottom. That’s a total of 30 new fall outfits! We may have put our math days behind us, but this is one formula we can get behind. Check out what we came up with below, then give it a whirl yourself!

cinch skinny

button fly skinny

bond trouser

muse dress

step up skirt

Create a mini capsule of your own at home. Pick a pair of your favorite fall bottoms and style them three different ways. Snap a photo of each outfit and post a collage to Instagram #mixingitup @cabiclothing to share your styling skills with us.

15 fall pieces

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