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bff makeover: becky and her bff style cute fall outfits

August 27, 2019

We all have a best friend who knows us better than anyone else in the world. Better than our moms, our spouses, and even better than ourselves sometimes! So, who better to turn to for fashion advice than your bestie? They know your style inside and out, backwards and forwards. We had a feeling that taking two best friends and letting them style each other would turn out great—particularly when one of those friends is, well, a total styling pro. Who, you ask? Fashion Director Becky Jantzen, of course, and her best friend Yvette. We brought them in and told them to create cute fall outfits for each another, taking into account their respective lifestyles and fashion tastes.

Yvette is the mother of six children (from a Brady bunch merging of two families) who spends most of her days driving around town and running errands: picking up, dropping off, playdates, soccer practice…you know the drill. But believe it or not, being a mother isn’t Yvette’s only job. She also works at an art gallery, so her style needs to be not only professional with an artsy flare, but also comfortable so she can keep being the supermom she is. As you know, Becky is our Fashion Director here at cabi, so she always needs to look chic. She loves wearing longer-length tunics over jeans and will never say no to a statement hat. Her life revolves around styling herself and others, so we thought it’d be fun to hand over that responsibility to someone else for once. Ready to see what these two came up with? Read about their cute fall outfits below, and check out the exclusive video to learn more about their beautiful, stylish friendship.

Becky styled Yvette in our Slim Boyfriend jeans paired with a striped, long sleeve tee. She accessorized the look with our Beast Belt and gave the shirt a little front tuck to show off the leopard print. Then, she added the cozy, drapey Shetland Sweater for some added print mixing that still matches the color scheme for a coordinated look. A relaxed jean is the way to go for a working mother of six, and our Slim Boyfriend is just the right amount of slouch and destruction to still look professional at work. The Pivot Fitted Tee is meant for women on the go, as it borders on being an athleisure piece, so Yvette is sure to be comfy all day in this one. Well done, Becky! It’s almost like styling is her job or something…

Featured Items: Shetland Sweater, Pivot Fitted Tee, Slim Boyfriend, Beast Belt

Yvette went a simple, yet striking route with her outfit choice for Becky. She chose the Tuxedo High Straight jeans with the solid black Swanky Tee. She styled with a front tuck to create a longer hemline at the back. For this sleek, classy look, Yvette added some accent pieces like a wide brim red hat and cheetah booties for a little extra pop. This look is perfect for Becky because it’s well put together with an emphasis on the smaller details. Working in fashion means your personal style is always on display, and you have to remain at the forefront of the industry—keeping up to date with the new fads, but sometimes you just want to lay low and go with an understated outfit like this one. You can’t go wrong with a pair of jeans and a black top if you add some unique accessories into the mix. Becky looks elegant, professional, comfortable, and confident. Yvette nailed it with this one.

Featured Items: Swanky Tee, Tuxedo High Straight

That’s what we call a success! We can’t wait to see these two rock their looks this fall. Now, we want you to try this at home. We all have a best friend we turn to, whether it be for advice on which job offer to take, where to move, or simply which dress to wear to that cocktail party! Plan an afternoon date with your bestie and try styling each other to create cute fall outfits that you both love. Take a photo together rocking your new looks, and post it to Instagram #styledbyher @cabiclothing to share what you came up with.