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texture mixing to boost an outfit

September 12, 2019

When assembling an outfit, we look for cut, color, and fit. But, are you looking for texture too? Because you really, really should. Taking the various fabrics of your clothes into account can help add dimension to your look. Even patterns like animal prints and plaids offer amusing illusions that can elevate an outfit to new heights.

The Fall 2019 Collection features so many amazing textures—from the silky smoothness of our blouses to the chunky, rugged feel of our sweaters, there’s so much to play around with. And, we can’t forget about accessories. Purses and jewelry can help add angles and keep things visually and tactually interesting. From sparkly necklaces and earrings to leather purses and metal studded booties, the options are truly limitless.

Just for kicks (and to help you give a sense of texture mixing, of course!), we’ve created five fabulous fall outfits—each with an intriguing blend of textures. Corduroy, denim, and knit…the best materials get their seasonal debuts in the fall months, so why not experiment with mixing them? Take a look at our outfits below for some inspiration, and learn how to add some extra character to your wardrobe this fall!

Adding corduroy into the mix is a great way to add texture to a look, and it’s perfect for fall! This forest green look is the ultimate autumn ensemble, and you even have a chunky-knit sweater to top it all off. Accessorize with snakeskin items like a purse and little booties to add even more dimension to this look. 

Featured Items: Shetland Sweater, Big Sur Shirt, Skinny Cord, Jet Necklace, Booties, Bag

Sport your favorite dresses or skirts in the fall so you can show off some fun, textured tights! (We love a sheer black tight with a seam down the back of the leg.) This look plays on fall hues, featuring our toffee corduroy University Skirt paired with the ganache rib-stitched Repose Cape. Tie the look together with a touch of pattern for an eye catching finish.

Contrast the irregular brush finish of our Checkmate Jacket with a sleek, satin top underneath. Adding a pair of destructed jeans will take this look to the next level. If you want to go all out, try a pair of pumps that fall right into the Animal Instinct and Check Me Out trends with an eye-catching blend of prints.

Featured Items: Checkmate Jacket, Weekday Top, Slim Boyfriend, Tudor Necklace, Slingback Pumps, Bag

cabi Clothing | Fall 2019 | Mixing Textures for Outfits

Take a luxurious coat and dress it down with casual pieces for a loungy yet luxurious vibe. The Fusion Sweatshirt puts a fun spin on a standard sweatshirt by adding cable knit sleeves for a mixed-texture top. Throw on some glamourous joggers and dressed up sneakers to finish the look.

The illusion of a skin-print blazer will add texture to an outfit, especially when paired with a contrasting brushed-knit sweater dress. Here’s a thought: style this look with your favorite pair of jeans underneath for added warmth and interest. A snake-skin bootie gives a nod to the theme and ties the look together.

When it comes to fashion, you can truly have it all! Plush furs, delicate satins, fierce skin prints, and more! Try this out for yourself at home. Give us your best mixed-texture outfit, snap a photo, and post it to Instagram #TextureExpert @cabiclothing. Set your creativity free!