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discover your personal style type

September 10, 2019

Fashion is so much more than an ensemble of pretty clothes. It’s an outlet for self-expression, a means to share your identity, and a way to say “this is me!” loud and proud to everyone who sees you strutting down the street. It may seem like trends are ever changing and impossible to keep up with, but one thing stays constant throughout all that noise…your taste.

 There’s a reason you always reach for bright colors over dark hues or sneakers over kitten heels—that’s what makes your style yours. Have you ever been in a store and thought to yourself, “Samantha would love this!” or maybe you’ve received a gift and thought ‘I’d never wear this’ while feigning gratitude…don’t worry, we’ve all been there! But hey, those gut feelings and inclinations are what give you your very own unique sense of style.

 Just because you know you have a sense of style that’s all your own doesn’t mean you’d be able to identify it in a snap. To help you figure out your personal style type, we’ve created an exclusive quiz that breaks down common style tendencies into five categories: feminine, modern, casual, bold, and boho. Answer the following questions to discover your style type, and be sure to check out the items in each category you definitely need to own!