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bff makeover: kat and her bff style cute fall outfits

September 24, 2019

When you put two best friends in a room full of clothes and have them style each other, what do you get? Some irresistibly cute fall outfits…that’s what! Often times, your best friend knows you better than you know yourself—don’t try to deny it. All it takes is another set of eyes to get you out of your routine styling habits and into an ensemble you wouldn’t think to try on your own. This isn’t our first go-round hosting a style exchange. Our fashion experiment with Becky Jantzen and her BFF worked so well, we just had to give it another go with Kat Woodside and her bestie!

 Kat is our Chief Design Officer here at cabi, so she’s got to be on it when it comes to her sense of style. Don’t get us wrong…it’s no chore for her to keep up with the latest and greatest trends. It’s her passion! She loves mixing prints—especially if a snakeskin is involved, and you can always catch her in a fabulous high heel.

 Nicole has been friends with Kat for over 18 years. She was actually responsible for introducing Kat to her husband, Erik, so you can imagine she knows her bestie pretty darn well. Nicole has an eclectic sense of style, ranging from preppy to dramatic and everything in between. The only thing about her style that’s predictable is it’s never boring!

 They were each instructed to create an outfit the other might not think of styling, while still taking their typical sense of style into account. Watch the video to see what these two beautiful friends came up with!

Kat couldn’t resist styling Nicole with some of her own fashion tendencies in mind. She went for a bold mix of prints that satisfy Nicole’s loud sense of style. The bright red Hothouse Blouse features a floral pattern with pops of orange, and it looks simply stunning underneath the leopard-print Josephine Coat. Though the coat offers a contrasting print, the faux-fur provides a neutralizing base that draws attention to the blouse. Kat finished off the outfit with a clean wash skinny jean, featuring a button-up design for an added accent.

Featured Items: Josephine Coat, Hothouse Blouse, Button Fly Skinny

Nicole really understands Kat’s style. She styled Kat in a mix of three different prints…two of which are snakeskin-based! She put Kat in the Snake Charmer Blouse that features an intriguing mix of florals and snakeskin prints. Then, she added the Python Blazer as a topper to play off the theme. She styled the blouse fully tucked into the Cinch Skinny to show off the Beast Belt at the hips (yes, a third animal print!). And boy, does Kat rock it!

Featured Items: Python Blazer, Snake Charmer Blouse, Cinch Skinny, Beast Belt

We all have that one best friend who just gets us. So why don’t you try this experiment with her? Swap styling advice and enjoy the results. We’re sure you’re both going to nail it! Snap a photo of the two of you wearing outfits designed by the other, and post it to Instagram #styledbyher @cabiclothing.