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three halloween costumes pulled directly from your wardrobe

October 8, 2019

Whether you are going trick-or-treating with your kids, or you are heading to a party with friends, when it comes to dressing up for Halloween, figuring out what your costume is going to be can be a challenge. Just when you need to be your most creative, you can’t think of anything! Well, don’t fret. We’ve reached out to London-based influencer Adela Knox to help inspire us with some innovative ideas of her own. Adela’s fashion forward page is devoted to offering advice on styling, beauty, fitness, and more—just the person for this job! Adela is here to show us how many of the clothes you already own can easily be repurposed into a Halloween costume. (For all our British followers out there, these ideas will also work perfectly for Guy Fawkes Day.) Take a look at her three suggestions below, and don’t forget to follow her account on Instagram @adelaknox for more fashion tips and tricks.

I started this look with the high-rise Button Fly Skinny jeans, as I absolutely love the stretch and comfy feel of the fabric. The red-and-navy-striped waistband adds a trendy vibe, and I love how it nips you in at the waist and creates a perfect hourglass shape. I added the luxe St. Regis Blouse which is revealing but also concealing, leaving a bit to the imagination. I finished the look with the luxurious, fluffy, and warm Josephine Coat for the touch of animal print. Accessorize with cute cat ears and voila…cat woman’s on a mission.

Featured Items: St. Regis Blouse, Button Fly Skinny, Josephine Coat

When creating this look, I was thinking about how the media portrays the typical professor these days—in films and television, professors are almost always male. They’re absentminded and out of touch with the real world. They usually teach English or creative writing. When they’re female, they’re portrayed as old-fashioned and not really in tune with current fashion trends. Well, my take on the professor is certainly breaking these assumptions and stereotypes. The professor of today is a vibrant character—full of positive energy and in touch with reality, possibly into art and culture, creative, and curious.

The base for this look is the Cinch Skinny jean with its clean design for a put-together look, very much suitable for the school environment. Add the Prowl Top to bring in some color, and finish with a twist on the traditional cardigan in an amazing, vibrant emerald color—the Lucky Cardigan offers warmth and is a lucky charm to any outfit. Lastly, I added some trendy red glasses and a dictionary to showcase the explorative mind.

Featured Items: Prowl Top, Lucky Cardigan, Cinch Skinny

I went for the darker-than-dark look, as Morticia commonly wears black hobble dresses to match her hair. The black Minimalist Dress is simple and elegant, offering a form-fitting shape—hand in hand with Morticia’s style. This is something Morticia would surely approve of. I added the Madison Cardigan, a long, button-up knit topper to compliment the dress, which is vital on those colder, autumnal nights. I also accessorized this look with cabi’s stunning Jet Hoops and The Dressmaker’s Necklace to add a bit of glam for the Morticia of today.

Featured Items: Minimalist Dress, Madison Cardigan, Jet Hoops, The Dressmaker’s Necklace

A huge thank you to Adela Knox for these fun costume ideas. We seriously needed that dose of inspiration to get our own creative juices flowing. What will your DIY Halloween costume be? Share your ideas in the comments below, listing how each piece you chose will further serve your disguise. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!