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bff makeover: eboni and her sister style casual fall outfits

October 29, 2019

This fall has been devoted to friendship. How can we celebrate friendship, and how can our friends help us celebrate our personal fashion? We created a little experiment where we invited a few cabi team members to participate in a style exchange with their best friends, and today’s edition features Eboni Hudson, our Senior Digital Marketing Manager. For a styling swap, she chose her closest friend of all—her little sister, Noel. Let’s get to know them both a little better before we dive into their outfit choices!

Eboni manages all things digital for cabi, including the website, ecommerce, email marketing, social media, influencer marketing, and this very blog. She’s got a lot on her plate, but that doesn’t stop her from always looking chic. She enjoys playing with textures and prints in her wardrobe and loves a good pair of jeans. Eboni is the oldest of seven siblings, so it’s no surprise she’s such a great leader!

Noel is one of the youngest siblings, and she just started an exciting new phase in her life. She recently moved across the country for a new job, and she just had a baby! New home, new job, new baby—that’s a whole lot of change. So Eboni thought it’d be appropriate to throw some change into her wardrobe as well. She’ll need an outfit that can keep up with her hectic life, so comfort will be a top priority—something cute that’ll leave her feeling confident and ready to conquer anything.

Keeping all that in mind…let’s check out the casual fall outfits they came up with for one another!

Eboni styled Noel in our Tuxedo High Straight jeans, and she had to admit these bottoms are oh-so-comfy. Eboni paired them with the bright orange Sprinkle Top—adding a great pop of color for the fall season—and our vintage-inspired Turn Back Cardigan. This cropped topper is the perfect pick for a petite frame. To finish off the look, Eboni gave Noel a pair of leopard booties for some animal-print action.

Featured Items: Turn Back Cardigan, Sprinkle Top, Tuxedo High Straight

She might not work in fashion, but Noel gave Eboni a run for her money, creating an irresistible fall ensemble for her older sister. She picked the all-black Cinch Skinny jeans (which happen to be Eboni’s favorite) and paired them with the python-meets-floral-print Snake Charmer Blouse, tucked in to showcase the Beast Belt. Noel topped this look off with the velvet Tuesday Topper, indulging in Eboni’s love for mixing textures.

Featured Items: Tuesday Topper, Snake Charmer Blouse, Cinch Skinny, Beast Belt

What better way to celebrate friendship than a style exchange? Invite your bestie over and try it for yourselves—we bet they’ll suggest something you wouldn’t have thought of yourself, and you can do the same for them! No one knows you better than your best friend, so trust she’ll put you in a fashionably fresh look. Snap a pic of the two of you in your completed outfits, and post it on Instagram #StyledByHer and tag us @cabiclothing to share the results of your at-home experiment.