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dresses over jeans and trousers: the trend we’re seeing everywhere

November 12, 2019

Imagine this…you’re standing in front of your closet, contemplating the day ahead. “Dress or trousers?” you practically wonder out loud. Allow us to weigh in on this one (and brace yourself for some big news): you can wear both! Why choose between two tempting silhouettes when you can have it all? Add a feminine twist to your favorite trousers by styling them underneath your favorite dresses and skirts! What was once a fun but seriously ambitious styling choice is finally catching on, and we couldn’t be happier about it. For you avid followers out there, you may remember us suggesting this bold outfit option in seasons past.

This trend is the perfect way to add edge to your outfit and show off your styling skills. So ladies…let’s start experimenting! To avoid feeling overwhelmed when curating your own dress-over-trouser look, check out our helpful tips below to get you started on the right track. For starters—be mindful when picking your silhouettes, fabrication, and accessories. Check out the full tips below to learn how to incorporate this trend into your fall wardrobe. P.S. be sure to watch the exclusive video featuring cabi’s Fashion Director, Becky Jantzen.

cabi Clothing | Dresses Over Jeans

We dare you to give this trend a try! Start off easy and grab your favorite skinny jeans. Then pick a loose-fitting dress to style on top. Accessorize with a belt or a cropped jacket to add dimension. Be sure to snap a photo of the final product, and post it to your Instagram #dressoverjeans and tag us at @cabiclothing to share your styling expertise with the cabi community!