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the more the merrier: how to layer clothing

January 21, 2020

When we say the more the merrier, we mean the more clothes the merrier! And we don’t just mean in your closet, we mean in one outfit. That’s right…we’re talking about layering, the fashion-forward winter styling trick. Layering is the perfect opportunity to wear a few of your favorite items all at once. We’re here to give you the lowdown on how to layer clothing for the next couple of months—it’s the one thing that’ll most certainly be your savior on those chilly days. Layering is an essential part of your winter dressing and it isn’t only functional…it can also be super stylish!

This is your chance to have some fun in your closet. Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to get creative. Play with colors, prints, and proportions—for example, let the sleeves of your base layer poke out from under your second layer. You’ll want to go for a basic bottom that’ll work with anything, like a classic pair of blue jeans. And the best part about layers is the pieces work on their own or together if you need to swap things around or get too heated throughout the day. We’ve all struggled with chilly mornings turning into hot afternoons, so picking an ensemble of layers that all work together is key. So whether you’re planning to spend the whole day outside at a soccer game or running some errands on foot, we (and your layers) have got you covered! Have a read below to learn how to look cool and feel warm.

Remember to reach for some cozy accessories like an infinity scarf, a cute beanie, and leather gloves. And remember…it’s not about finding the warmest sweater, it’s about building the warmest outfit! Follow these tips and you’ll survive winter like a pro and look good doing it. Have any additional tips to layer in? Share them in the comments below!