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spring hues: your personality and your favorite color

February 13, 2020

Spring is nearly upon us, which means it’s time to break out your vibrant colors and fresh patterns. Our Spring 2020 Collection is full of color—from the bold reds and blues of Agent Americana to the soft pinks of Pink Out Loud to the peppy yellows of Wear a Smile, the Collection is guaranteed to awaken your senses. Naturally, we choose to wear certain colors to complement our features, like our skin tone or to make our eyes pop. But color also has the ability to affect our mood. What you choose to wear can tell you a little bit about your personality and even help you accomplish your goals for the day. So go ahead and let these spring colors pump you up if you missed your morning dose of caffeine, encourage productivity before a big deadline, and keep you grounded on a jam-packed day.

If pink is your color, you’re probably a creative type. You lean into your femininity and always see the good in people—joy and romance are central in your life. A soft pink has a euphoric and calming effect, while a bold pink can serve as a great refresher. Pair with cream, white, yellow, and navy. Pink is the perfect pick for a first date!

Red is intense, but you aren’t afraid to go there. You lead a bold life and are often seen as warm and caring. Red is commonly used to grab attention, so wearing it says “STOP…and look at me!” As with those who pick pink, romance is important to you, passion even more so. Balance a red by pairing back to whites or darker neutrals like black or navy. Red is a great color for the office or a night out dancing.

Wearing orange is a great way to energize your wardrobe. This color is highly uplifting; you’re a happy-go-lucky kind of gal. Orange is an enthusiastic color that encourages motivation. Like the red-wearers out there, you like making heads turn. Pair orange back to blues, pinks, and neutral skin prints. Think of orange as a dialed-down red, great for work or interviews while not being too intense.

cabi Clothing | Spring 2020 | Spring Colors

There’s no feeling down when wearing yellow. This cheery color is exciting and refreshing. You’re a people person, but you also have a mysterious side…maybe there’s something about you that people don’t know. A touch of yellow is all you need, so pair this intense color with blacks, blues, and greens for balance. Yellow is traditionally associated with springtime and sunshine, but don’t be afraid to wear it in the colder months for an extra energy boost.

cabi Clothing | Spring 2020 | Spring Colors

Since green is associated with the lush beauty of nature, it’s thought to be a tranquil and refreshing color. If you like green, you love nature (and we bet you have a green thumb, too!). This color is soothing, healing, and also signifies good luck. Wear green with white, black, pink, or orange. Try this optimistic color at a cocktail party or when you’re craving a dose of nature from your cubicle.

cabi Clothing | Spring 2020 | Spring Colors

If you love blue, you’re probably someone who likes to find her zen. You’re very centered and focus on stability and serenity. You’re productive, yet you manage to stay calm when things get busy. Those who favor blue are sincere and inspiring. Depending on the shade, you can pair blues back to white, black, red, or pink. Wear blue if you have a big project due to promote productivity while keeping you calm.

Violet has always been associated with royalty and wealth. You like to live large. Since this hue is a combination of blue and red, which are thought to be opposites, you’ve got some opposing forces in you. You’re passionate and sensual with a great deal of imagination. Violet pairs beautifully with red and blue (naturally) and can also be paired with yellow for a burst of wonder. Wear this color if you want to stand out in a crowd.

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cabi Clothing | Spring 2020 | Spring Colors

White is the purest of colors, signifying innocence and peacefulness. You like things neat and organized; everything has its place in your life. This serene color provides the perfect base for any color when styling an outfit. Wear white to re-center yourself or if you’re feeling like you need a fresh start at something.

cabi Clothing | Spring 2020 | Spring Colors

Black: the contemporary city-lover’s color. If you wear all-black-everything, your sense of style is sophisticated and you’re sometimes seen as having a mysterious air about you. You’re taken seriously in your field, but you don’t let this stop you from having fun. Go for a modern black-on-black look for a sleek effect, or try a stark contrast pairing with white. (P.S. A pop of color never hurts!)

What colors do you gravitate toward? Style an outfit featuring your favorite colors, snap a picture, and post it to Instagram #HueAndMe and tag us @cabiclothing. We can’t wait to see the rainbow of outfits coming our way.