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warmer, warmer…perfect! spring to summer outfits, solved

March 10, 2020

We’ve all gone out on a chilly spring day full of excitement that the sun is finally peeking out, trying to make a summer dress work on a day that’s just too cold. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Pause, take a breath, and enjoy the transitions. After all, it’s an excuse to rock some layers! 

 The key to layering through the transitions? Having a versatile piece that takes you from chilly spring to serious sun! To help you do just that, we’re showcasing two trousers from our Spring 2020 Collection, the patterned Kelly Wide-Leg Crop and the cumin-hued Discovery Trouser. We’ve put together three spring to summer outfits for each, transitioning you from cool to warm to hot temperatures to show just how versatile these pieces are. The key to transitional dressing is focusing on the now. Read on and watch our video to see the outfits in action and learn how to dress in the heat of the (present) moment!

How will you gracefully transition from spring to summer? We want to see how you’d style the same pair of trousers three different ways, from cool to hot! Snap a photo of each outfit and post them to Instagram @cabiclothing #HeatOfTheMoment.