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fan spotlight: lori love

March 26, 2020

Today, we’re taking a moment to show our appreciation for one of our fans, Lori Love, as part of our Fan Spotlight series. Lori is from Lexington, North Carolina and is one of the founding members of the @cabi.addicts Instagram page, which we highly suggest checking out if you’re addicted to style! Her all-time favorite cabi piece is the Siren Wrap Dress. Want to know why? Find out below! You can follow her on social media @the_real_lori_love.

cabi Clothing | Spring 2020 | Fan Spotlight

Featured Item: Siren Wrap Dress

Where you’re from?
Lexington, NC

Favorite piece this season?
The Siren Wrap Dress (hands down, Hallelujah, the angels sang). It speaks to my soul. It’s classy, elegant, sexy, casual…and leopard!

Coffee or tea?

What’s the one beauty item you can’t live without?
Tori Belle Cosmetics Magnetic Eyelashes and Liner is my all-time favorite—lashes for days!

Are you a cabi fan? Great! We want to hear from you. Share why you’re passionate about our brand in the comments below, and we just might select you to be featured in the next edition of our Fan Spotlight!