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June 2, 2020

A quick note—we filmed this video before social distancing and stay in place orders were issued. We encourage all to follow federal and state regulations around social and physical distancing. We look forward to when we can all gather in person again. 

We’re dreaming of days when we can all go out and showcase our style to the world. And showcase it we will! We created five everyday outfits that are perfect for going out into the world. (Of course, just because they’re perfect for going out, doesn’t mean they aren’t also the perfect #cabiWFH looks for now.) A simple change can be just the refresher you needed to keep you on your A game all day long. Take a look at the outfits below, and feel free to interchange them as you see fit!

Not a morning person? That’s what athleisure is for! Go for a comfy, stretchy outfit for your morning coffee run that pairs the Relax Cropped Legging with a tank and cardigan. Stick with the relaxed vibe for your footwear by styling your favorite pair of sneakers (or a pair of slippers for when you’re #stayinghome!). Now we wait for the caffeine to kick in…

Featured Items: Comfort Cardigan, Comeback Tank, Relax Cropped Legging, Sneakers, Crossbody Bag, Sunglasses

Add some glam to your day in a chic look! Play off neutrals by styling the Discovery Trouser with the black Relax Jacket and All-Purpose Cami. When you’re able to run around town, add a pop of color with your shoes for an extra pep in your step.

Featured Items: Relax Jacket, All-Purpose Cami, Discovery Trouser, La Bohème Necklace, Purse, Sandals

You’re halfway through your day—you’ve so got this! Try styling a casual, dressed-up look by pairing elegant touches back to easygoing accents. A black and white look provides a great base for showcasing your accessories—think the Grommet Belt, heeled sandals, and a baseball cap. When you’re out and about, match your purse to your shoes for some fun, patterned action.

Featured Items: Union Sweater, Lido Crop, Grommet Belt, Purse, Sandals, Glasses, Baseball Cap

It’s the right time to embrace style that makes you smile. This is your chance to really show off your fashion skills. Go for denim paired with contrasting prints like our Thespian Blouse and Library Jacket, an unexpected yet brilliant match. Don’t forget about your accessories! A brimmed hat and some funky sandals are the perfect finishing touches to this look.

Featured Items: Library Jacket, Thespian Blouse, Button Fly Skinny, Sandals, Hat

Finally…time to unwind! Let loose with our long and flowy Drama Skirt that’ll ooze comfort and look chic for your happy hour with friends (even if it’s over Zoom). Pair back to solid basics like the black Relax Escape Tee and a denim jacket. High five on a successful (and super stylish) day!

Featured Items: Dylan Jacket, Relax Escape Tee, Drama Skirt, Sandals, Aviators

Changing up your outfits throughout the day is such a great way to reset, especially if your schedule is jam-packed. It’s a chance to start fresh and change your perspective…think of it as little pick-me-ups scattered across your agenda. Plus, who are we kidding…it’s also a chance to show off all your amazing clothes! How does fashion help you get through your day? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and share a little bit about your own wardrobe quick changes!