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wfh? work it in athleisure clothing

March 9, 2021

This past year we all became connoisseurs of coziness, learning to reach for comfy knits and slouchy fits to curl up in while staying safe at home. The Spring 2021 Collection is here to challenge what you thought you knew about athleisure clothing. Yes, the styles are still cozy as ever, but we’re encouraging you to branch out of your comfort zone…without sacrificing comfort! Add some structure and color to your look by styling stretchy joggers with a tailored jacket or add some dazzling jewelry to a modern sweatsuit. Just because you’re staying home doesn’t mean you can’t explore your style.

The ATC Collection was designed with the working woman in mind, whether your job is a CEO or a full-time mom. If this is you, then you need pieces that move with you and don’t hold you back, while still bringing something fun and refreshing to the table. Cozy and chic don’t need to be mutually exclusive—you can have both! Keep reading to learn all about our athleisure pieces in the Spring 2021 Collection.

Looking good and feeling good is what we’re after, and these outfits let you experience exactly that. What do your athleisure outfits look like lately? Are you spicing things up with accessories or layering on bold toppers? Let us know how you’re keeping things cozy yet stylish in the comments section below.