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switch up your style with matched sets

August 31, 2022

It’s 8:00 a.m., you’ve snoozed your alarm maybe one or two more times than you’d like to admit, rolled out of bed, and now you’re faced with the ever-pressing question: “What do I wear today?” Lucky for you, you’ve got a handful of stylish, matched sets that open up a world of possibility in your wardrobe, letting you mix, match, and swap ad infinitum. Those comfy black joggers you wore to brunch the other day can be dressed up with oxfords and a coat. That pencil skirt you rocked at work with its matching blazer can be downplayed with a sweatshirt instead. To make a long story short, you’ve got options. What more could a woman want?

 Today we’re featuring three of our most versatile sets to date: the Agent Jacket and Agent Skirt, Tuxedo Parka and Quantum Cargo, and Wrap Up Puffer and Cool It Crop. Across these three sets, you’ll find a grayscale herringbone print that’s great for the office, solid black pieces for any and all occasions, and a black and brown snakeskin pattern for when you’re feeling spicy. We’ve created six outfits, interchanging these pieces back to other items from the Collection to prove just how many styling possibilities there can be. This can serve as a jumping-off point because trust us, there are so many more outfits you can spin out of these must-have items. Keep reading to discover the details behind each outfit, and be sure to sneak a peek at the exclusive video to see the final looks fully styled. Matchy-matchy or mixy-matchy? What’s your speed?

The all-black Tuxedo Parka matches back to the grayscale Agent Skirt for an understated yet coordinated vibe.

Featured Items: Tuxedo Parka, Agent Skirt

Reach for the silvery herringbone Agent Set styled back to a neutral gray, fitted turtleneck. Add on a wide belt for dramatic effect, and be prepared to turn heads.

The sleek black Quantum Cargo pants match back to the Tuxedo Parka for an elevated athleisure look. Top it off with a statement jacket and earrings to take this fit to the next level.

Dress up your joggers with a pair of pumps and a boxy, oversized puffer. This outfit simply screams high fashion.

Featured Items: Wrap Up Puffer, Quantum Cargo

The Cool It Crop pants match back to the Wrap Up Puffer for an extra dose of snakeskin. Tame this skin print fit with a black pullover and accents of gold jewelry.

The black-ground snakeskin print of the Cool It Crop lends itself to being paired back to black. Reach for the Tuxedo Parka to complete this laid-back look that will move with you.

Featured Items: Tuxedo Parka, Cool It Crop

These three coordinated sets can be mixed and matched until the end of time. Add them to your closet today, and have fun experimenting with the endless outfit possibilities you can create with just these six pieces. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!