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precious cargo: styling cargo pants for fall

September 28, 2022

They’re sporty, they’re chic, they’re dressy, they’re edgy, they’re everything you want in a pair of pants…and more! Consider this an appreciation post for our new all-time favorite bottoms, the Quantum Cargo. These sleek black cargo pants have an elastic cuff at the ankles and a drawstring at the waist for a jogger feel, along with elevated details like snap buttons and flap pockets, perfect for styling back to any print or hue of your choosing—you really can’t go wrong! Of course, the cargo design lends itself perfectly for those grab-and-go errands, with plenty of pockets to stash the essentials (phone, wallet, keys, done). But that’s just the tip of the iceberg…it doesn’t have to stop there! Swap out sneakers for a pair of heels and add your favorite blouse and jewelry for an instant style glow up, or play with texture by styling back to knitwear and mesh. The possibilities are, you guessed it, endless.

We created five new outfits to showcase the versatility of these must-have bottoms, ranging from laid-back casual to upscale dressy. As usual, we got creative with our layers, and you should too! Take a look at the five different fits below to discover each item that went into the looks, and be sure to check out the video to see how it all came together. Cargos for the win!

cabi Clothing | How to wear cargo pants

Use the all-black Quantum Cargo as a neutral base—a springboard, if you will—for playing with color and pattern. Try mixing a copper tone back to the retro, skin-print Nine Lives Cardigan.

cabi Clothing | How to wear cargo pants

The key to great style is an understanding of all the working parts. When you see a wrap dress, you don’t simply take it at face value…instead, you unwrap it and wear it as an elevated topper. Pure genius.

cabi Clothing | How to wear cargo pants

Dress up the Quantum Cargo by mixing and matching your textures. Reach for the kaleidoscopic Mosaic Mesh Top styled back to a knit, like the charcoal Snug Cardigan, for a balanced palette.

cabi Clothing | How to wear cargo pants

Black and red complement each other beautifully—always have, always will. Style the solid scarlet Cavalier Cardigan fully buttoned as a blouse, then layer on the red plaid Evita Coat for added dimension.

cabi Clothing | How to wear cargo pants

Pair the Quantum Cargo with a black-and-white striped tank, then simply add on a pop of color, like the icy blue Frosty Pullover. Easy, breezy, beautiful, cabi girl.

As you can see, there’s nothing these pants can’t do. Go ahead and put it to the test for yourself. Any occasion, any vibe, any day of the year. The Quantum Cargo is about to be your new #1…don’t be surprised if your other pants get jealous!