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Summer Hair Tips to Look Gorgeous!

July 10, 2014

Summer is here, temperatures are soaring, and, before you know it, your hair and skin could be in need of a little extra TLC. Today, Miami-based lifestyle blogger, Martha Dominguez, from the blog Princess Martha, shares with us her top summer hair tips and tricks to look fabulous under the sun all season long!

Martha lives in Miami, where summer season requires a hat and sunblock. Humidity is also worse during these months, which could prevent you from keeping your hair frizz under control. To help you look your best, Martha has some tips for fabulous hair all summer long!

  • During the summer months, the sun is even more intense and can dry your hair terribly. Be sure to incorporate a rich hair mask into your weekly routine. I love the products from RICH Hair Care and 10 Miracle Hair Mask.
  • Obviously you’ll be using styling products to tame that frizz, so be sure to ALWAYS use a heat protectant on your hair. I like the way Morrocan Oil products smell and make my hair feel. Be sure to put the product on the tips of your hair and not too much at the roots.
  • Go easy on the ponytails. I know it’s the simplest way to deal with your hair on a hot day, but a ponytail can really damage your hair by creating breakaways and indentations. When possible, try to use clips and headbands to get the hair off your face. I also am a big fan of braids. A lose braid to the side is a chic way to keep your hair cool and looking beachy fun!
  • Having a bad hair day? Pick up a fedora to cover the locks, and look like a supermodel in your trendy hat! I personally have fedoras in a ton of colors, and I use them a lot in the summer time.

How is summer in your city? Do you swap your hair and beauty products when the temperatures rise? Share with us how your beauty routine changes during hot days in the comments below.