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work, family…balanced!

March 17, 2016

If you’ve hit snooze an extra time on Monday mornings, dreading another long week in the office punctuated by the frenzy of shuttling the kiddos to and from school, soccer practice, play dates, music lessons, you might have a hard time believing us when we tell you there’s a better way. But that won’t stop us from telling you there is.

Perhaps you’re one of the countless women for whom a traditional career no longer makes sense; for whom the phrase work-family balance actually needs to include some semblance of balance. Perhaps you’re ambitious—the structure and low ceiling of a hum-drum, part-time job simply doesn’t jive with your entrepreneurial attitude. Maybe you’re looking to be surrounded by a community of great woman and be a part of something with soul, with purpose. You also enjoy the fun of fashion. Now, brace yourself for a bit of a shock: these things can all be found in one place.

A career with cabi is all these things and more. It’s an opportunity to launch a business, call your own shots, bring in a substantial income, all while forming lasting relationships and helping transform lives. As the go-to stylist for your friends, you’ll be saving them the hassle of driving all the way to the mall for clothes that never fit, and providing them with a warm, supportive environment that’s simply so much fun to be a part of.

And you don’t have to worry that being in charge means going it alone; we’re here to support you every step of the way with training at seasonal launch events, a free starter kit, personalized website, generous discounts, growth opportunities, rewards, awards, and much more! There’s no need to be a fashionista…at least not yet! We’ve got all the styling tips you need to become the authority on all things chic—and that’s a promise. But the most amazing benefit of starting your own business? The real financial earnings potential; an opportunity to contribute to the family income while pursuing a career you love.

When you join the cabi community, not only will you be joining us in reinventing the way women shop and work, but you’ll be doing well by doing good, helping us empower women around the world through our W.E. are cabi Program, the first-ever one-for-one micro-lending and mentorship program that provides one small business loan for a woman in the developing world for each woman who begins her cabi business.

By 2020, as more women join the cabi movement, cabi will have created and supported approximately 8,200 jobs in the developing world, and will have provided 35,000 adults and children with a better life, because each loan also impacts the recipients’ families and enables them to employ others. W.E. are cabi is based on the same beliefs that have contributed to the success of cabi–when women have the tools, training, mentorship, and support of peers, they can succeed in building their own business.

Go ahead and mark today on your calendar as the day you decided to put first things first, launch a business, and look absolutely fabulous while doing it. Discover how you can join the cabi movement by clicking here. We’d love to meet you at our next event!