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the definitive fall 2018 color guide

September 13, 2018

Ahh fall…the time of year when the weather gets a little chilly, the trees start turning deep, brilliant colors, and the leaves begin to fall. Inspired by these falling leaves, we thought your wardrobe should match! This season, we’re all about reaching for rich, vibrant hues like red, currant, and gold and pairing them back to equally stunning solids for an oversaturated look that’s absolutely jaw-dropping. The three keys to succeeding with this trend? Experiment, experiment, experiment! Put on your styling caps and seek out new inventive pairings that turn these familiar hues into a brand new color adventure. To help you get started, we put together this fall color guide that introduces you to the personality of each hue and shows you three ways we’re styling it.

Red is rich, vibrant, and alive! We’re loving the fiery shade this season in all its gorgeous varieties. It looks good paired back to itself for a head-to-toe twist, mixedwith pinks, or for an opposites-attract twist, pair together with green.

cabi Clothing | Fall 2018 Color Guide

The best part about gold? It’s a metallic, which means (in our minds, at least) it goes with absolutely everything! Still, there are certain shades that pair better to this glitzy hue than others. The ones we’re obsessed with this season are icy blues, cool grays, and soft burnt reds—so cute!

Currant is so beautiful with other deep, moody shades. Our favorite pairings right now are those that are unexpected, yet work—think grounding grays for a symbiotic palette. Pantone has called for a season of moody blooms, and we’re taking this recommendation to heart.

Ready for your next big challenge? Pick another color personality not covered in this guide (a green perhaps, hint hint!) and create your own mini guide with monochrome, analogous, and complementary hues. Start with one outfit and see how it goes—if you’re looking for some feedback, post your ideas in the comments below and we’ll get back to you with style tips. Happy coloring!