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borrowed from the danes: hygge—a trend worth snuggling up to

November 13, 2018

As we dreamed up our Fall 2018 Collection, there was a distinct feeling every time we laid eyes on a soft new knit, wooly scarf, furry bootie, or cozy overcoat. A certain warmth and connection that’s easy to achieve when surrounded by close friends and wrapped up in ultra-comfortable clothing. The Danish refer to this feeling as hygge, which translates to “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” It’s no surprise that this sentiment originated in chilly Scandinavia—its long winters, cold and gray, require a special commitment to this specific kind of happiness.

The concept of hygge has become increasingly popular around the world—in fact, it was shortlisted for Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year! We see it take hold as friends and family, inundated by social media, yearn for a deeper, truer connection with the people they love, particularly as we all tuck in and get ready to cozy up for winter. Everyone can embrace this concept in their own way, but we’ve collected are a few tried-and-true methods for kicking off a season of hygge.

Spend time with loved onesThink curling up on the couch (no TV!), playing a board game, reading stories to one another, or listening to your favorite album all the way through.

Do something quiet that you enjoy. This might involve knitting or reading one of your favorite books. Set aside a moment for yourself in a cozy place and indulge in something that makes you happy and that you wish you did more often. As much as hygge is about connecting with friends and family, it’s also about taking time for yourself.

Light a roaring fire (or some candles!). If you have a fireplace, you’re familiar with hygge, even if you never quite knew what to call it until now. There’s a certain quality to firelight that makes us want to snuggle up with somebody we love. No fireplace? Simply light candles and cozy up with extra blankets!

Slow down and enjoy the beauty of nature. Winter is the time of year we spend the most time indoors, and one of the things we miss most during this period is nature. And, you don’t have to wait for the buds to start peeking out of the ground to go outside! Bundle up and go for a stroll in the park, a hike in the woods, or a brisk walk on the beach.

Enjoy comfort foods and treats. From hot stews and soups to hot cocoa, cookies, and pastries, winter is the perfect time to indulge your sweet tooth and love of all-things-savory in equal measure. Host family and friends for a home-cooked meal, then surprise them with something special for dessert.

Put on something that’s comfy, yet chic. Comfort is key to hygge, but it’s not just about layers upon layers that make you feel all swaddled up. Think special pieces that are as cozy as they are chic.

Cowl Pullover

With its rich green hue and cozy ribbed knit, the Cowl Pullover is our favorite winter sweater. The cowl neckline adds an extra touch of comfort—perfect for pairing back to leggings or jeans for an easy, everyday look.

Step-Up Pullover

Snuggle up in the soft, thick knit of the Step-Up Pullover. The eye-catching buckthorn mustard hue adds color and interest to liven up your winter wardrobe, ideal for dressing up for work or down for the weekend.

Drop-In Tee

Drop into a cozier version of yourself in this long sleeve T-shirt you’ll never want to take off. Layer it up for all-day comfort and pair with jeans and booties, then slip into those thumbholes for an extra touch of hygge.


An all-time favorite, these leggings are super soft and totally unique. Featuring an overlay skirt for added coverage, we adore these stretchy bottoms because they’re always ready to head out in style.

Cuddle Scarf

A scarf is the quintessential hygge accessory, and the Cuddle Scarf is our new must-have. An adorable infinity scarf featuring a layered ruffle, this piece drapes beautifully, adding feminine texture and charm to any ensemble.

These are just a few ideas to help you kickstart your own hygge journey. Most of you probably already have winter routines that embrace many aspects of this trend. Comfort is deeply personal, and we’re sure you’ve discovered your own unique way to keep cozy during this long, chilly season. Tell us how you’ll embrace the trend this winter in the comments section below—after all, sharing with friends is one of the best ways to stay hygge!