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a sneak peek at our spring 2019 collection

November 15, 2018

Just as we settle into a cozy winter full of friends, family, and plenty of hygge vibes, our minds already seem to be racing toward the vibrancy and excitement of what lies ahead this spring. Our Spring 2019 Collection will usher in fresh verve through a dazzling array of colors, patterns, and textures designed to excite your senses and open your mind to endless possibilities.

What if for a moment, enveloped by all the right inspirational elements, one could choose to see the world more colorfully, entering a state of boundless ingenuity? Could this new perspective invigorate all women in the service of inspiration, creativity, and joy? As we delved deeper into this vision, we began to imagine a group of girlfriends on a journey across a desert landscape, open to all the possibilities around them that could ignite their imaginations.

We find them on the fringes of the desert, an orange wall jutting out of the earth like a Rothko painting, the gorgeous green of her cardi, a lush touch in this sandy landscape. On an arid stretch, an aquamarine convertible is as bracing as the open sea, their orange ensembles a tangy citrus twist. There are floral blouses that pop against jeans and pieced-together patterns as intricate as quilts. Under a scorching sun we feel the essence of summer reflected in bold, primary hues: a brilliant blue blouse, scintillating stripes, abstract prints, a touch of leopard, and so much more. These are the pieces that open our hearts and minds and conduct this symphony of the senses.