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sweater outfits for a sweeter winter

January 15, 2019

Sometimes it can feel as though the colder it gets the harder it is to look cute, but you don’t need to sacrifice style to stay warm! We got our team of style experts together to investigate a few more sweater outfits for the winter, and who better to tap for fashion advice than our very own Fashion Director, Becky Jantzen? The master herself has given us five carefully picked outfits featuring five different sweaters from our Collection—bet you didn’t think sweaters could be this flattering. With these outfits, we’ll send you out into the snow looking trendy and feeling toasty! Check them out below to see which one is your cup of tea (or hot cocoa).


Two is better than one! On an extra chilly day, try doubling up on sweaters. We love our cropped Prep Pullover layered over our silky Cinch Top. (Insider tip: let the bow hang out over the sweater.) Then, top it all off with the Cloak Cardigan for some added drapery and warmth!


We have been in love with our Winter Greens Trend for this Fall 2018 Collection and the Cowl Pullover is the sweater that truly embodies this trend. The chunky knit, the slouchy cowl, and the stunning hunter green. Slip this pullover on over the cozy Drop-In tee and the sleek Agency Skirt. Try accenting your outfit with fur details such as these adorable heeled booties (we even suggest throwing on a funky pair of tights!).

Featured Items: Cowl Pullover, Drop-In Tee, Agency Skirt, Pointed Toe Boots


An all-time favorite this year is our icy blue Fair Play Sweater that doubles as a cardigan. We especially love it over a vibrant red blouse for a color duo that’s sure to turn heads. Throw on some high-waisted jeans and ankle booties, and you’ll give the runway a run for its money.

Featured Items: Fair Play Sweater (as a cardi), Devoted Blouse, Authentic High Straight, Boots


It might be gray outside, but that doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to be! Introduce some warm colors into your outfits this season. Give our buckthorn Step-Up Pullover a try with some red pants. Layer the sweater over a patterned blouse for a pop of print at the collar and cuffs. We promise the winter blues won’t get to you in this outfit.

Featured Items: Step-Up Pullover, Floret Blouse, The Drifter, Booties, Fedora


It’s not quite Valentine’s Day yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t break out our favorite Cupid’s Cardi. This short, boxy cardigan is begging for a peek of sleeve. Try it over our long-sleeved Serenity Tee for a pop of color at the cuff. Finish off the look with some boyfriend jeans and a knee-high boot.

Featured Items: Cupid’s Cardi, Serenity Tee, Slim Boyfriend, Knee-High Boots

While staying home in sweats is perfectly valid, we want to inspire you to brace for the storm with beauty and grace. Thanks to our awesome Fashion Director, Becky Jantzen, we were able to share a few fun ways to style your sweaters this season. But now we want to hear from you! When the snuggle gets real, how do you deal? Let us know your favorite seasonal ensembles in the comments below, and together, we can tackle the knitty-gritty of winter style, one sweater at a time