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style tips for that je ne sais quoi

April 16, 2019

Do you ever look in the mirror and think, “Something’s missing…”? That one final touch that’ll take your outfit to the next level. That je ne sais quoi. Look no further for the ultimate list of style tips, guaranteed to elevate your outfit and give you that jet-setter vibe. Instead of saying “something’s missing,” people will be saying “she’s got that something extra!” Check out our exclusive video below for some inspiration, and read our tips on how to add those finishing touches that’ll take your spring style to the next level!

cabi Clothing | Spring 2019 Style Tips
cabi Clothing | Spring 2019 Style Tips

Go ahead and combine your favorite tips for a look all your own. From leopard print belts to diamond-encrusted clutches, we promise these little add-ons will take your look from average to extravagant. And that goes for casual outfits, too! Your laid back looks deserve just as much attention as your fancy ones. How do you plan to heighten your next outfit? Take a before and after photo of one outfit, and post it to Instagram @cabiclothing #finaltouch to share your ideas with the cabi community!