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oh-so-color "fall": your fall color guide

September 17, 2019

The rich hues of autumn are beginning to make their debuts. From the deep reds of the changing leaves to Mother Nature’s lush greens and caramels, fall is the season of earth tones. You know what they say…“style imitates life,” or maybe it’s the other way around. Either way, get inspired by the warm colors all around you, and learn how to incorporate them into your fall wardrobe by following our Color Guide below. Our Fall 2019 Collection is full of unique yet classic autumnal hues that perfectly fit into seasonal trends while still standing out. Today, we’re highlighting our three favorite fall colors included in the Collection: firebrick, hunter, and camel. We’ve outlined the personality of each color and how best to pair them with other tones for a colorfully fabulous fall look. Read on and start styling!

cabi Clothing | Color Guide

A rich, deep scarlet red is a gorgeous addition to an outfit, and it works well with many other colors. Firebrick pairs equally well with similar warm palettes as it does with neutrals and cooler tones. Red represents passion and power, while still honing a softer sense of warmth. The following pairings have a luxurious autumnal feel that evoke coziness and comfort—a feeling similar to being surrounded by friends and family during the holidays.

Lean into the fiery color palette by pairing the firebrick Standout Pullover with our burnt orange Prowl Top underneath. The Button Fly Skinny even has a red accent along the waistline for a fully coordinated finish.

Featured Items: Standout Pullover, Prowl Top, Button Fly Skinny, Tudor Cuff, Tudor Necklace

Pairing firebrick back to another fall neutral is a great choice. Try the scarlet flower-printed Hothouse Blouse with the caramel University Skirt. Top it off with the Sherlock Jacket, featuring red stitching that’ll really pop.

Featured Items: Hothouse Blouse, University Skirt, Sherlock Jacket

Take your outfit in a totally different direction by pairing with a complementary bright. Firebrick pairs wonderfully with the richness of our teal Deco Cardigan. Go with solid colors to let the tones speak for themselves.

Featured Items: Tess Tee, Deco Cardigan, Button Fly Skinny

cabi Clothing | Color Guide

Think of hunter green as a modern neutral or a fun twist on a standard black. Update your fall wardrobe by throwing some hunter green accents into the mix, like shoes or accessories. Hunter green is a stabilizing color that channels themes of nature. Think of the lush greens that line a forest path. It’s serene, it’s peaceful, and it’s fresh. Pair with lighter hues in the same color scheme, like an army green, for a muted look. Or pair with contrasting colors like red and navy for an unexpected combo.

Hunter and navy are a match made in heaven. Drape the Renaissance Coat over our sleek navy Weekday Top for a dark palette that’s a step away from your classic blacks. Pairing back to denim will help tie the blue tone into the outfit.

Featured Items: Renaissance Coat, Weekday Top, Beast Belt, Tuxedo High Straight

It’s no secret that reds and greens go perfectly together. With the deep V-neckline of our firebrick Standout Pullover, the high-cut Flirt Top will peek through for a darling pairing. Finish off this holiday look with our hunter Skinny Cord.

Featured Items: Flirt Top, Standout Pullover, Skinny Cord

Try pairing hunter back to other, lighter greens. For an underplayed way to incorporate this fall color, try our Shetland Sweater which has a touch of hunter weaved into the knit. You’ll be able to pair it back to muted neutrals like the gray Lacey Tee and the army green Marathon Jogger.

Featured Items: Shetland Sweater, Lacey Tee, The Marathon Jogger

cabi Clothing | Color Guide

Camel made its first appearance in the fashion industry in 1916, with the camel hair coat trend, and has been a popular color ever since. Think of it as a step-up from traditional neutral tones, offering a bit of a warmer base. Pair this rich color back to brights to let the vibrancy of your other pieces stand out, or pair it with navy accents for a preppy finish.

Camel works wonderfully as a warm base for reds. Try the B-Side Cardigan over the scarlet floral-printed Hothouse Blouse. Pair back to jeans and accessorize with a camel skin-print belt.

Featured Items: B-Side Cardigan, Hothouse Blouse, Beast Belt, Original Wash Skinny

Yellow is often overlooked when it comes to fall colors, but take a look around…the changing leaves are telling you to go for it! Try our bright Dazzle Top under the leopard-print Josephine Coat. Add the hunter green Skinny Cord for a fully inspired-by-nature look.

Featured Items: Josephine Coat, Dazzle Top, Skinny Cord

The ultimate preppy color pairing is camel and navy, so grab our Turn Back Cardigan and run with it! This varsity-inspired design goes great with some joggers for a laid-back look. Throw on a patterned top for some extra fun.

Featured Items: Turn Back Cardigan, Flynn Top, The Marathon Jogger