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one small change…endless casual fall outfits

October 22, 2019

We’ve all put together an outfit and thought to ourselves, “Now, this is a winner.” When you create that winning look, all you want to do is wear it every day! But, your coworkers would probably start to take notice…well what if we told you there’s an easy way around that? By simply swapping out jeans for leggings or a fur coat for a blazer, you can completely change the look of an outfit, while keeping everything that made it such a success in the first place. To prove our theory, we took one outfit and changed out items, one by one, to create 7 casual fall outfits. Take a look at the final outfits below, and watch the video to see how it all turned out.

Walk on the Wild Side

This outfit pairs our Button Fly Skinny jeans with a front-tucked Fusion Sweatshirt for a chic, casual vibe. Indulge in animal prints by mixing and matching your accessories—some zebra-print booties and, our Beast Belt.

Featured Items: Fusion Sweatshirt, Button Fly Skinny, Beast Belt, Zebra Boots

Add On the Fierceness

When the weather cools down, the Josephine Coat is the perfect addition. It adds an extra luxe finishing touch to top off this look.

Featured Items: Fusion Sweatshirt, Button Fly Skinny, Beast Belt, Josephine Coat(caped), ID Trio Necklace, Zebra Boots

The Name’s Bond

Change out the Josephine Coat for our Bond Blazer—a sophisticated addition that’ll show off your silhouette. This swap of toppers takes the look in a more professional direction that’s great for the office.

Featured Items: Fusion Sweatshirt, Button Fly Skinny, Bond Blazer, Zebra Boots

It’s a Cinch

Change out the blazer’s belt for our Beast Belt to incorporate a touch of print mixing. It adds a bit of fierce leopard print to this chic look.

Featured Items: Fusion Sweatshirt, Button Fly Skinny, Bond Blazer, Beast Belt (belted over blazer), Zebra Boots

Shopping Spree

For this shop-till-you-drop look, change out the Button Fly Skinny for our High Legging. This will give you more flexibility for all-day comfort when you’re running from store to store. You can remove the belt from the Bond Blazer for a more drapey and relaxed finish.

Featured Items: Fusion Sweatshirt, High Legging, Bond Blazer, ID Trio Necklace, Zebra Boots

Catch Me If You Can

This look packs a serious punch! Layer the Pivot Racer Tank under the Fusion Sweatshirt to allow for a midday layer peel…just wrap the sweatshirt at your waist if you get warm. We love pairing leggings with an over-the-knee boot. In this outfit, you’ll be ready for whatever the weather throws your way.

Featured Items: Pivot Racer Tank, Fusion Sweatshirt (around the waist), High Legging, ID Trio Necklace, Over-The-Knee Btoots

Dressed to Impress

Our favorite fall trick? Styling a dress over leggings for extra warmth and added interest. The Muse Dress will add some color to your black base layers. Style with a heeled, over-the-knee boot and a long necklace.

Featured Items:Muse Dress, High Legging, ID Trio Necklace, Over-The-Knee Boots

One small change to an outfit can create a totally different look and help you maximize the potential of the pieces in your closet. Try a mini version of this experiment at home to see just how easy it is! Take a favorite outfit, and swap out one item to change up the look. Then, do it once more for a third option! Take a photo of each version, and post it to Instagram #swapportunity and tag us @cabiclothing to show off your very own progression of style.