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holiday outfits that check all boxes

December 3, 2019

That feeling when the first snowfall dusts the sidewalks and the streets are decorated with twinkling lights—that’s right ladies, the holiday season is officially upon us. You’ve made a gift list and checked it twice, you’ve purchased all the presents for your loved ones, and you’ve even done some shopping for yourself (just because you’ll be receiving gifts doesn’t mean you can’t still #treatyoself to a few!).

Don’t get us wrong…the holiday season is a ton of fun, but it can also be a very hectic time. There’s a lot on your plate between organizing family time with the in-laws, baking your famous holiday recipes, and working your nine-to-five job at the same time. Your schedule is completely booked from morning until night, so you’re going to need some good transitional outfits on hand. You’ve got to be comfortable enough for your morning commute, yet chic enough for an after-hours cocktail party. And who has time to stop at home for a full wardrobe change? No one! So what’s a gal to do? That’s where we come in!

Today, we’re highlighting three of our most versatile dresses, the PJ Dress, the Muse Dress, and the Minimalist Dress. By simply changing up your accessories and outerwear, these dresses provide a perfect base for your ideal day-to-night holiday outfits. For example, a sweater worn over a dress creates a unique skirt-like silhouette for a more casual feel, then strip that layer and add a statement jacket for your nighttime look. Swap out your booties and briefcase for pumps and a purse, and voilà! Have a read below to see what pieces can make up these transitional outfits and relax…we’ve got you covered.

Expert Present Swapper

Festive gift exchange with friends? We’ve got the perfect look. Go for the black-on-black look by topping the PJ Dress with the Madison Cardigan. This will make all your red accessories really pop!

Featured Items: PJ Dress, Madison Cardigan, Jet Necklace, Tudor Necklace, Beast Belt, Red Gloves, Plaid Purse, Over-The-Knee Boots

Singing the Night Away

Festive gift exchange with friends? We’ve got the perfect look. Go for the black-on-black look by topping the PJ Dress

If you are excited to go caroling in your neighborhood, it’s time to bundle up! Try wearing the ultra-cozy PJ Dress over leggings. Layer it on by topping it with the Windchill Wrap, gloves, and your favorite beanie.

Featured Items: PJ Dress, Windchill Wrap, High Legging, The Dressmaker’s Necklace, Black Gloves, Green Beanie, Ankle Boots

Let It Snow!

When you’re headed your holiday concert, you need a look that just adds to all the fun! Highlight all the colors of the Muse Dress by layering on the Standout Pullover. Add that touch of the Animal Instinct trend with the Beast Belt.

Featured Items: Muse Dress, Standout Pullover, ID Trio Necklace, ID Earrings, Beast Belt, Booties

Frosting on Top

Ready to show off your baking skills? Be stylishly ready for your cookie exchange with your friends by playfully mixing florals and plaid. This look will impress your friends just as much as your delicious cookies.

Featured Items: Muse Dress, Checkmate Jacket, Barettes, Ankle Booties

Office Wonderland

When you’re celebrating the season with your co-workers, you’ve got to be professional AND festive! Show off your styling chops by wearing your Dressed-Up Shrug OVER your Renaissance Coat, for a fun, furry look! 

Featured Items: Minimalist Dress, Renaissance Coat, Dressed-Up Shrug, Mystic Earrings, Delight Scarf, Briefcase, Over-The-Knee Boots

Peppermint Martini

Pop the champagne with a cocktail party look with a statement coat that will catch everyone’s eye! Boldly walk into your holiday party with your little black dress topped with the ever-so-fierce Josephine Coat.

Featured Items: Minimalist Dress, Josephine Coat, Tudor Necklace, Tudor Cuff, Pumps, Clutch

What holiday plans are you most looking forward to? In the comments below, let us know what you have lined up on your seasonal agenda, and then share what you plan to wear. Bonus points if your look can take you from the office to your festivities!