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styling tips for tall or petite women

May 19, 2020

We know the woes of shopping for different proportions. All too often, you find yourself feeling like Goldilocks, “too short…too long…” looking for a fit that’s “juuuust right.” If you’re on the petite side, it can be a challenge finding a button-down that isn’t too boxy or bottoms that don’t need to be hemmed. On the other end of the spectrum, trousers are often too short and hellooooo unintentional crop top! If you’ve experienced this struggle firsthand, we’ve got some good news for you…it ends here!

We’re coming at you with a bevy of styling hacks that can make an outfit work for any woman, no matter her height. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the video below to see the same three outfits worn by two women with very different heights. It’s all a matter of which items to reach for. High-waisted jeans and cropped, wide-legged trousers are always a great idea. Then, simply play with the tuck of your shirt to add length or balance to your outfit. We put together a list of styling tips for tall and petite women to show you how it’s done. Keep reading to discover the outfits we created, then try recreating one (or all of them) at home for yourselves! You’ll love how you look, we promise.

Style tip: For both tall and petite women, play with proportion by pairing a duster-length sweater with high-waisted jeans. This will lengthen and flatter your figure, no matter your height! Try styling your scarf as a belt for a contrasting pop of print…and to accentuate your waistline!

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Style tip: Fully tuck the Shoulder Tie Top into your Discovery Trouser. The high-waisted, self-tie design of these bottoms will help create a flattering hourglass shape. Try caping the jacket at your shoulders to elevate this look.

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Style tip: Have fun with your look and do a playful half tuck of the Go-To Button-Up into the Lido Crop. To cinch you in at the waist, wear a belt either in your jeans or over your jacket for an alternative styling option.

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If you believe you fall into the tall or petite category, we want to hear from you! What are some styling tips you’ve found work best for you? Let us know in the comments section below, and we’re sure your advice will help a fellow cabi lover out!