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summer mani-pedi combos: nailed it!

July 9, 2020

Adding those final accent pieces to an outfit is so important for giving your look that finishing touch and keeping your style on point. We’ve harped on the importance of accessorizing so many times…and guess what? We’ll never stop! From chunky earrings to delicate necklaces and wide frame sunnies to wide brimmed hats, these pieces are what take your outfit from good to grand! One other finishing touch that often gets overlooked? Nail polish! Tie in colors from your summer wardrobe with these mani-pedi combos to prove your style bona fides.

We picked five of our favorite colorful pieces from the Spring 2020 Collection and came up with the perfect mani-pedi combos for each. Keep reading to find out more, and pamper yourself with your own, at-home manicure!

The drapey, wide-sleeved Botanical Kimono is the talk of the town this season and can easily be dressed up or down depending on your plans. Lean in to the blue and white color scheme with a navy manicure and white pedicure. Nothing highlights a sun-kissed tan like white nail polish!

Featured Item: Botanical Kimono

The sleeveless Front Porch Top features a darling pink and yellow print done in a feminine floral pattern. Sometimes, picking a nail color a few shades lighter than the one in your outfit is a great way to give a nod to the palette without matching outright. Instead of a bright sunny yellow, go for an off-white manicure and a delicate blush pink pedicure.

Featured Item: Front Porch Top

Inspired by the blues and greens of the ocean, this mani-pedi combo blends the two standout colors in the Derby Dress, a Kelly green and a sky blue. When you mix these two hues, you end up with a seafoam green on the light end and a deep teal on the dark end. Maybe you even reach for a shimmery option for an extra glisten. 

Featured Item: Derby Dress

We can’t get enough of the unexpected color combo of the Saunter Dress, pairing a bold red and a soft lavender in a zebra print. Match your polish to fully indulge in this combo with a classic red manicure and an eye-catching lavender pedicure.

Featured Item: Saunter Dress

cabi Clothing | Spring 2020 | Mani Pedi Combos

Though a black polish may not be your first instinct in the summer, a glittery charcoal is sure to add some edge to your look. Pair it with a deep red to match the Siren Wrap Dress. This mani-pedi combo also works perfectly with the Siren Sandal, helping to bring out the details in the leopard print.

Featured Item: Siren Wrap Dress

An outfit without a pristine mani-pedi is like summer with no sun! These pops of color will help bring attention to your rings, bracelets, and sandals, all while working to bring out the colors in your outfit. Now, we’d like to hear from you! What is your go-to mani-pedi combo for the summer? And what would you wear with it? Leave your ideas in the comment section below and we bet you’ll inspire someone’s next look!