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play dress up with these dress styling ideas

October 20, 2020

There’s nothing like a mix-and-match session in your closet to make you feel like a kid again, swapping out different pieces and giving your final look a twirl in front of the mirror. The Fall 2020 Collection is full of chic dresses that will inspire just that kind of giddy excitement, and one of our faves is the Autumn Dress. This flowy twofer fits right into the Fairytale Ending trend, with its dark ground floral pattern and mystical ruffle detailing. It comes with a spaghetti strap inner slip and a long-sleeved outer layer with a contrasting print. We love a good twofer because it maximizes your styling options (read: lets you play dress up!). Wear the two pieces together, or split them up and style them back to other pieces in the Collection.

We wanted to show you a few dress styling ideas using the Autumn Dress to help you work this must-have into your seasonal rotation. With just this one piece, we created five different outfits to prove just how versatile this dress is. Keep reading to learn more about the pieces behind each outfit and check out the exclusive video to see the final looks fully styled. Think of this as a head start: there are so many fun possibilities when it comes to styling the Autumn Dress—use it as a jumping off point and feel free to get creative!

Featured Items: Autumn Dress (slip only), Turtleneck Tee, Lennon Jacket,  Knee-High Boots

Teal is an unexpected yet stunning fall hue. This look makes use of just the inner slip of the Autumn Dress, styling it over the black Turtleneck Tee. Pair with the Lennon Jacket and black knee-high boots too keep in this dark, Fairytale Ending palette.

Style Tip: Styling the inner slip over a long-sleeved, warmer layer is a great way to make a summery cut fall-appropriate.

Featured Items: Maestro Jacket, Autumn Dress (both pieces), Stud Belt, Knee-High Boot

Wear the full Autumn Dress set and style with the black Maestro Jacket. Accessorize with the Stud Belt and knee-high boots to complete this moody, fall-ready look. We’re in love!

Style Tip: Swapping out the self-tie belt for the Stud Belt is a quick and easy way to give this dress an extra boost. Unbutton the bottom buttons of the outer slip to reveal the pattern beneath with each stride.

Featured Items: Autumn Dress (top layer only), Groove Tee, High Skinny, Stud Belt, Fable Scarf, High-Heeled Booties

Yes, the Autumn Dress has an elevated vibe, but it can easily be played down for any occasion. How, you ask? Dress it down by styling only the top layer back to a tee and some skinny jeans for the perfect casual look!

Style Tip: For a rock star vibe, try styling the silk Fable Scarf at the neck and the Stud Belt at your hips.

Featured Items: Autumn Dress (both pieces), Coffee Shop Cardigan, Low-Heeled Boots

This look is so easy to throw together but looks like a million bucks! No one will suspect you pulled it together in no time. Wear both pieces of the Autumn Dress and pair with the brown Coffee Shop Cardigan for some extra warmth. This color combo is everything!

Style Tip: Keep the top layer of the dress unbuttoned completely to show the pattern of the slip beneath, then use the self-tie belt to loosely cinch in your look.

Featured Items: Autumn Dress (slip only), Tryst Pullover, Tights, High-Heeled Booties

Relaxed fits aren’t reserved for casual occasions. Dress up a slouchy look by styling the Tryst Pullover with the inner slip of the Autumn Dress. Add some tights and a high heeled bootie and you’ll look like you’re dressed to the nines while feeling oh-so-cozy!

Style Tip: The delicate slip will contrast the chunky sweater to create an eye-catching combo.

Do you love playing dress up? Does it take you back to your childhood? We want to hear how you’re styling your fall dresses. Share your outfit ideas in the comments section below. Bonus points if you have yet another innovative way to style the Autumn Dress!