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everyday wardrobe capsule, extraordinary outfits!

October 27, 2020

You love picking out your outfits as much as the next gal, but sometimes you just want to sit back and have someone else take care of it for you, especially during the work week. That’s where we come in. We’re here to save the day with an outfit for every day of the week—and not just that, we’re even showing you how to transition each look from day to night. That’s right, seven days, fourteen outfits. This Everyday Wardrobe Capsule features a week’s worth of outfits that are easy to transition, whether you’re going from the office to happy hour, or from your home office to the couch. For those of you working from home, transitioning your outfits is extremely important and often overlooked—it’ll help you turn off from your workday and step away from your responsibilities, something that has become increasingly difficult if you have no physical separation from work and home. Let your wardrobe help you switch gears!

We can’t take all the credit for this incredible wardrobe capsule. We partnered with cabi Stylist Jenna Greenspoon who’s showing us how she styled this capsule. Check out the video to see how easily the looks transition from day to night. We promise, you’ll want to wear these easy, stylish outfits all day, every day!

Monday Fun Day


Nothing like a nice bright red to perk you up on a Monday morning. This look styles the Passage Cardigan over the All-Purpose Cami for a red on red vibe. Style back to classic denim for a casual finish.

Featured Items: Passage Cardigan, All-Purpose Cami, Cinch Skinny


Simply swap out the Passage Cardigan for the elegant Regency Coat to elevate your look. The red cami will make the coat’s plaid pattern pop.

Featured Items: Regency Coat, All-Purpose Cami, Cinch Skinny

Trendy Tuesday


Style the denim Rebel Shirt as a topper (unbuttoned), so the red All-Purpose Cami can peak through. Pair back to denim jeans for some expert-level coordination.

Featured Items: Rebel Shirt, All-Purpose Cami, Cinch Skinny


Ditch the denim Rebel Shirt and throw on the cropped top layer of the ATC Layered Tee. This will add dimension to your look and reveal the red cami beneath. This top layer is so stretchy and comfy for lounging around the house.

Featured Items: ATC Layered Tee (Top Layer), All-Purpose Cami, Cinch Skinny

Denim Wednesday


With its button-up design, the Rebel Shirt lets you put a professional spin on denim, making it perfect for your workday. Try the shirt fully buttoned and tucked into the Cinch Skinny for a head-to-toe denim look.

Featured Items: Rebel Shirt, Cinch Skinny


Keep everything the same, and just add the Regency Coat on top as a statement piece. Denim acts as a great neutral, letting the coat be the star of the show.

Featured Items: Regency Coat, Rebel Shirt, Cinch Skinny

Thursday Thoughts


Style the Rebel Shirt as a lightweight topper over just the sleeveless bottom layer of the ATC Layered Tee. Denim and black are a match made in heaven! Simple, yet stunning.

Featured Items: Rebel Shirt, ATC Layered Tee (Bottom Layer), Cinch Skinny


As the evening cools down, swap the Rebel Shirt for the Regency Coat, an easy way to add a fun print and extra warmth to your look.

Featured Items: Regency Coat, ATC Layered Tee, Cinch Skinny



You’ve made it to Friday! Congrats! Celebrate the end of the work week with a chic wide-legged trouser like the Coco Trouser, and throw in some pops of red on top.

Featured Items: Passage Cardigan, All-Purpose Cami, Coco Trouser


Change out the Passage Cardigan for the Regency Coat to take this look from day to night. The fringe at the hemline will highlight the wide-legged cut of your bottoms.

Featured Items: Regency Coat, All-Purpose Cami, Coco Trouser

Saturday Night Fever


This outfit may seem simple, but it doesn’t look it! Style the wide-legged Coco Trouser back to the all-white Portrait Blouse. Try a front-tuck to highlight your waistline.

Featured Items: Portrait Blouse, Coco Trouser


Add the Rebel Shirt as a lightweight layer, leaving it unbuttoned so that you still get the effect of your front tuck. In this outfit, you’re ready to bust a move.

Featured Items: Rebel Shirt, Portrait Blouse, Coco Trouser

Saturday Night Fever


Red, white, and blue were meant to be styled together. Try the Coco Trouser paired back to the Portrait Blouse and Passage Cardigan for a flattering palette you cannot resist! Take this look on a stroll in the park and admire the changing leaves.

Featured Items: Passage Cardigan, Portrait Blouse, Coco Trouser


Swap out the red Passage Cardigan for the Regency Coat on those chillier nights. The navy hue of the trousers provides an eye-catching contrast to the plaid coat, while the white Portrait Blouse balances your look.

Featured Items: Regency Coat, Portrait Blouse, Coco Trouser

Don’t let a busy week daunt you. Whip out this Everyday Wardrobe Capsule whenever you’ve got a lot on your plate, and rest easy knowing we’ve done all the work for you! You’re sure to look stylish as ever in every single one of these outfits. Do you have another outfit idea to add to the capsule? Let us know in the comments section below. Here’s to tackling effortless style together!