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closet cleanout with becky jantzen

November 24, 2020

We’ve got good news and better news. The good news: we’re gonna clean out your closet today. The better news: it’s actually going to be fun! Going through the closet is one of those tasks we always say we’ll deal with another time…well that time is now! If you’ve been back and forth on certain pieces for years, chances are it’s time to ditch them. You want to make sure you have room to accommodate new styles each season, so every time you throw open your closet doors, you’re inspired by what you see. That also means holding on to the timeless pieces you truly love—the ones that will match back to everything and stay in style, season after season.

Now, we know it can be a pain in the you know what…seriously, we do! But we’ve got a little trick that makes it so much less painful…and even fun! It’s simple: all you have to do is make a day of it. Get yourself set up with some tunes and a treat to look forward to when you’re finished (chocolate, anyone?). Oh yeah, and having some expert advice never hurt either. Here to help us with this undertaking is our often imitated but never duplicated Executive Fashion Director, Becky Jantzen. According to her, a closet cleanout can be very therapeutic and will help you declutter not only your closet, but also your mind. Skeptical? Don’t be. Keep reading to learn all about her organizational tips and tricks, and watch the video to see how it’s done!

Prepare yourself for what this undertaking entails:

  • Accept that it will take a day—yes a full day. Don’t rush the process. You’ll want to give every piece equal attention, try everything on, and be critical.
  • Have a treat ready for when you’re finished (like a bowl of ice cream or a glass of wine…just no drinking on the job! Save it for the big finish.)
  • Get a playlist going. Click here for one of our favorites.
  • Understand it will get messy before it gets organized. Mentally prepare for disarray, and trust that it’ll be worth it.
: cabi Clothing | Fall 2020 | Closet Cleanout

Take EVERYTHING out and sort your clothes into the following piles:

  • Keep – The things you love and wear, aka the “Yes” items
  • Store – The things you’ll wear in later seasons.
  • Give Away – The “No’s” that are in good condition and can be donated.
  • Alter – Jeans into crops, anyone?
  • Throw Away – The things with holes, snags, or irreversible stains.

Leave no drawer unturned! When we say everything, we mean everything. Lean into the mess. You can make piles on your bed or on the floor.

: cabi Clothing | Fall 2020 | Closet Cleanout

As you sort your clothes into piles, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I wear this? The number one, most obvious, yet hardest-to-answer-honestly question! You want to keep things that you actually wear. If it still has tags and has been sitting in your closet for two years…get rid of it! No closet shamers here, pay it forward, let it do good in someone else’s closet.
  • Does this fit me right now? Don’t keep the pieces you’re hoping to fit into eventually. Focus on the present moment. If it doesn’t fit now, don’t let it take up space.
  • Is this comfortable? Do you feel good in this item? Do you love the way it fits in certain places? Sure, “beauty knows no pain,” but if the shoes give you blisters…toss them.
  • Do I love this? Does this item spark joy? If seeing it in your closet puts a genuine smile on your face, it’s worth keeping (even if you don’t wear it all that often!).
: cabi Clothing | Fall 2020 | Closet Cleanout

Begin reorganizing and hanging up items:

  • Organize by color and style. Jackets go with jackets, sweaters with sweaters, etc. Maybe even hang by sleeve length! Get creative and go with a set up that makes sense for you.
  • Make sure everything has a place. You want pieces to be easily accessible. The whole point of this isn’t just to declutter, it’s also to reorganize in a way that helps you maximize the potential of your wardrobe.

Were you long overdue for a closet cleanout? We want to hear your success stories! Snap a before and after pic of your closet and post it on Instagram #ClosetCleanout. Don’t forget to tag us @cabiclothing so we can celebrate your victory.