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Everyone Is a Beautiful Story

February 27, 2014

At CAbi, we believe that everyone is a beautiful story … a story that unfolds through living for a purpose bigger than ourselves. Since CAbi’s inception, we have been about helping women discover that truth. This central belief—that we could be women on purpose—is what drove the creation of “The CAbi Experience,” and is why it is so unique.

The fashion world is continuously exciting and fun, but it invariably moves past the surface of what we put on our bodies and calls up a deeper question of the heart, “Am I enough?” Am I pretty enough, tall enough, skinny enough, successful enough, athletic enough, wrinkle-free enough  . . . whatever enough?  Just this week, after seeing an article about 60 year-old Christie Brinkley, I concluded that I’m definitely not doing something enough!

Whether we are caught up in comparing ourselves, or being affected by the comments of others, the question of “enough” can stop us in our tracks.  We begin to see imperfections as insurmountable obstacles in connecting with others … and connecting with others is where our beautiful story unfolds.

The comparison game and perfectionism do not lead us to anything helpful.  We think they are about improvement, but they’re really about approval.  The truth is, those with wonderfully satisfying relationships do not seek approval, but are intentional with others purely for the sake of relationship.  Intentionality is born out of a purpose to be about something bigger than ourselves.   When we let go of the desire to be perfect, and connect more genuinely with others, the beautiful irony is that while we discover a truth and beauty in others, we discover it in ourselves, too.  Our lives tell a bigger story of being a woman on purpose.

How has letting go of approval enabled you to more fully live on purpose?

close knitFounder, President, and Chief Culture Officer